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About Richard W. Ford – OEM Energy Services

About Richard W. Ford

OEM Energy Services was founded in 2012 by Richard W. Ford. After doing energy audits for 25 years, he saw a need for better equipment to recommend to customers.

Biography Of Richard W. Ford, CEM

Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, he studied chemical engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Eastern Nazarene College and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Business in Chicago.

Applying mathematics to manufacturing processes has revealed many problems and solutions that were often not apparent. “I think every company in the world has problems they don’t know about,” he says. His first involvement with reducing energy costs came when he was operations manager of Mitchell Foods in Massachusetts. He designed a process improvement that cut steam use for pasteurization and cooling by 70%, then worked with the pasteurizer manufacturer to produce the equipment needed.

After moving to New York to become corporate supervisor of quality assurance and later supervisor of research and development for Mott’s, he initiated many projects to reduce energy costs and other costs for producing apple products. After leaving Mott’s, energy technology and reducing ingredient costs have been the focal points of his career.

If you’d like Richard Ford to audit your industrial energy needs or help develop your energy saving product, please contact us.