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OEM Energy Services – The Life Work of Richard W. Ford

Mission Statement

OEM Energy Services was the work of Richard W Ford. Richard W Ford passed away on 2/24/2022, and an unofficial addendum to his will left all his engineering files to anyone who might want them. to fulfill this wish his daughters are releasing this intellectual property to the public for use by any engineer that can use them. We are not energy engineers ourselves, but we have done our best to remove any portions of the files that appear to be prior art by other engineers. (The majority of the files were reference works, only what we believe is original work is posted here.)

The mission of OEM Energy Services (while Richard W. Ford was alive) was to develop the next generation of equipment that uses energy more efficiently. Concepts for improved equipment design were based on his understanding of the physics and thermodynamics involved and his experience working with hundreds of customers with high energy costs. For many cases where equipment that was needed by his customers was not available from existing manufacturers, OEM Services designed the equipment and worked with a manufacturer to produce and market the product.