Mission Statement

The mission of OEM Energy Services is to develop the next generation of equipment that uses energy more efficiently. Concepts for improved equipment design will be based on our understanding of the physics and thermodynamics involved and our experience working with hundreds of customers with high energy costs. For many cases where equipment that was needed by our customers was not available from existing manufacturers, OEM Services will design the equipment and work with a manufacturer to produce and market the product.

The primary activities of OEM Energy Services will be in research and the building of prototypes. We will focus on products and customer segments where existing technology is poor and competition is limited. We will strive not to duplicate activities in manufacturing and marketing that are already being carried out efficiently.

Original equipment manufactures who partner with OEM Energy Services will have our full cooperation in improving their profitability and the efficiency of their products. Partial ownership will be available to those who wish to invest in our company.

Initial funding for OEM Energy Services will come from the founders. Government funding and subsidies for our research and company development will not be sought after or accepted. The first products to be developed will be those requiring relatively little research and development requirements and cost. As revenues increase, increasingly complex products and technology will be developed.